In this basic course, you will learn everything you need as a founder or online (re)starter to set up sustainable online communication.

Starter's Line is an intensive workshop that I developed especially for founders and entrepreneurs who want to put their online communication on a sound footing. (Fun fact: you really only need very, very little at the beginning - even if the wide world of the WWW might tell you otherwise. 😘 But it's not about the "others", it's about you and how you can make your company digitally profitable with the simplest means and possibilities - in other words, how you can achieve stable income for yourself. Without theater. Without big launches. And even with a small budget. 😊 More details in the workshop).

And this is how it goes ....

The workshop takes place 100% live and online (you can find the specific dates below) and takes about 3 hours. (And yes, that's quite enough. I told you it doesn't take that much. 😉)

The following is then on the agenda:

  • Product Skill: Most online founders already fail to give their offer a framework on which they can build their online communication sustainably, so I'll start with you with the ABC of the online offer. Just easy peasy. 😊

  • Marketing Skill: If you don't come from the field of marketing or haven't dealt with it intensively before, you usually don't really know what it's all about. (It's no wonder that many founders and online starters have some kind of love-hate relationship with the topic. But that ends here and now. 😁🤘) If you want to be able to do online business, you should learn marketing. And yes, the basic basics are really enough here too. 🌺

  • Mindset Skill: This block is about why most entrepreneurs fail with their online business or why they are unable to build a stable business with their (often time-consuming) measures. To ensure that this doesn't happen to you and to enable you to recognize the "signs" so that you can stay on track in the long term, there's a corresponding mindset deep dive in the final topic block. 😁🏴‍☠️💗

So, if you like, book your ticket now for the next Starter's Line workshop. For 99 euros plus VAT, you can get everything you really need as a founder or online (re)starter in a single day. Online communication can be really easy. Especially if you're still at the beginning with your digital business. 😃

With this in mind....

Here are the dates for the next Starter's Line workshops.

Click on the link to book your ticket for the respective date. 😊

(By the way, registration always closes about 48 hours before the workshop.)

P.S. This is (more or less) always the same workshop and the same content. So you only need to attend once 😉.


My advanced offer for Online-Newbies & (Re)Starters in online communication

After the basics, the most important step in online communication is always implementing, sticking with it and maintaining quality.

Important: Basically, in Starter's Line (see above) I give you EVERYTHING you need to build sustainable long-term communication as an online starter or founder and thus also for stable online revenue. That's it.

Nevertheless, I also offer an additional strategy & communication coaching program: Starter's Liftoff. 🚀✨🔮

The program always takes place live, online and in a very small group of max. 6 people and runs for around 8 weeks. The special thing here is that there is no predetermined program or topics that are worked through. Instead, the content (and the way it is delivered) is based on your level and the level of the group, as well as the questions and topics you go through while building your communication strategy. In other words, Starter's Liftoff is the in-depth accompanying program if you want to get down to business with me at your side. 😁🐟🐠🐡🦐

The most important element of Starter's Liftoff is therefore the Agenda Setting. That is the kick-off call in which I work with you and the others in the group to determine the individual steps and topics, or the procedure and pace, and set the agenda for the following weeks ( however, this agenda can also be very flexible - as I said, it depends on the group). 😊

So, if this program is something for you, just feel free to contact me using the form below. ✍️

The next start date a.k.a. the next Agenda-Setting will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2024 at 7 pm German time. For 2,600 euros plus VAT, you're in. 🙃🏴‍☠️   

You can request your participation until July 14, 2024. Then is the registration deadline. 😁

FunFact! 🙌✨🌈 If you haven't yet done Starter's Line (see above), but still know that Starter's Liftoff is just right for you at the moment, you can take part in the next Starter's Line dates as often as you like🥳🤘. You will receive an unlimited voucher code from me, which also applies if you have already taken part in Starter's Line 😁 and as soon as your booking for Starter's Liftoff has been confirmed and all payments have been made.🎫🎉😊

Request participation for Starter's Liftoff

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